My name is Holly Sanders, and I started The Angela Jeans in 2014, in my brain, when I was in military training. Army training always has a great way of inspiring my creativity through fashion! I was going out every night with my battle buddies and realized I was always dressed up, the way us city girls do, while my buddies were wearing jeans and north face vests! 

Now I don’t mind standing out, but I still like to kind of match with the group. I thought it’d be cool if I could be casual and glamorous at the same time; denim was the perfect textile to mold in to glamorous styles and allow me to look casual like my friends.

In 2015 I started designing and realized that I wanted my jeans to do what my jeans never could, fit my butt, thighs and calves.

In 2016, The Angela was solidified as a denim brand that would be ethically produced, ethically sourced and fit for the life, spirit and body of a woman.

I decided:

  1. I would not use harsh chemicals in the processing of my jeans.

  2. I would do fit testing for all body types, and size my line based off of current body types in United States.

  3. My brand would be heavy in research and development, always using and/or creating the best technology to craft the perfect pair of jeans.

The Angela is really important to me because it serves the interest of women without harming animal, human or plant life in the process.